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Introduction to the SharePoint 2010 Development Platform

  • SharePoint as a Development Platform
  • SharePoint Object Hierarchy
  • Working with SharePoint 2010 Objects

Using SharePoint Developer Tools

  • Developing SharePoint Sites by Using SharePoint Designer
  • Developing SharePoint Solutions by Using Visual Studio
  • Packaging and Deploying SharePoint Solutions

Developing SharePoint Web Parts

  • Developing Standard Web Parts
  • Developing Connected Web Parts
  • Developing Visual Web Parts

Working with SharePoint Objects on the Server

  • Working with SharePoint Sites Programmatically
  • Working with SharePoint Lists Programmatically
  • Working with List Data Programmatically

Creating Event Receivers and Application Settings

  • Creating Event Receivers
  • Working with Web.Config Programmatically

Developing Solutions by Using Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Services Overview
  • Developing External Content Types and Lists by Using SharePoint Designer
  • Developing Business Connectivity Services Solutions by Using Visual Studio

Developing SharePoint Workflows

  • Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Creating Workflows with Visual Studio

Working with Client-Based APIs for SharePoint

  • Overview of the SharePoint Client Object Model
  • Working with the SharePoint Client Object Model in .NET Applications

Developing Interactive User Interfaces

  • Creating Menu Items and Ribbon Controls
  • Creating Client-Side Dialogs

Developing Silverlight Applications for SharePoint

  • Creating Silverlight Applications for SharePoint
  • Deploying and Debugging Silverlight Applications for SharePoint

Developing Sandboxed Solutions

  • Sandboxing and User Solutions
  • Restrictions for Sandboxed Solutions

Working with SharePoint Server Profiles and Taxonomy APIs

  • User Profiles – Taxonomies

Developing Content Management Solutions

  • Developing Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  • Developing Web Content Management Solutions