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OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition) is a comprehensive Business suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. It gives business users the capability to perform in depth analysis and data mining of detailed business data and gives real and significant information for making critical decisions.
Training Objectives of OBIEE:
OBIEE is the foundation for building enterprise BI (Business Intelligence) Applications. It includes a wide range of end user tools such as interactive dashboards, advanced reporting and publishing, ad hoc analysis across the Web, mobile analytics, proactive detection and alerts, Microsoft Office integration, Web Services and business process integration.
Target Students and Prerequisites
Students must be familiar with concepts in Oracle.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

  1. OBIEE Installation
  2. Data Modeling concepts

Data Warehouse Concepts

  1. What is data?
  2. Types of data.
  3. What is data warehouse?
  4. Data warehouse Architecture?
  5. Types of  tables
  6. What is schema and types of schemas?
  7. What is Data Mart?
  8. Data warehousing Approaches.

Using Administration Tool and Creating Repository

  1. Building the Physical Layer of a Repository
    1. Create a New Repository
    2. Create an ODBC Data Source
    3. Import SH Schema
    4. Create Physical Joins
  2. Building the Business Model and Mapping Layer of a Repository
    1. Create a Business Model
    2. Create Logical Tables
    3. Create Logical Columns
    4. Create Logical Joins
    5. Rename Business Model Objects
    6. Delete Unnecessary Business Model Objects
    7. Build Dimension Hierarchies
  3. Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
  4. Testing and Validating a Repository
    1. Run a Consistency Check
    2. Enable Query Logging
    3. Modify NQSConfig. ini
    4. Start Oracle BI Services
    5. Use Oracle BI Answers to Execute Queries
    6. Use Query Log to Verify Queries
  5. Creating Calculation Measures
    1. Load a Prebuilt Repository
    2. Create a New Measure
    3. Create a Calculation Measure Using Answers
    4. Create a Calculation Measure Using Logical Columns
    5. Create a Calculation Measure Using Physical Columns
    6. Create a Calculation Measure Using the Calculation wizard
  6. Organizing the Presentation Layer
  7. Presentation services or Analytics
    1. Presentation Services Introduction
    2. Web catalog and Instance con fig file
    3. My folder, Shared Folders, Shared Filters, My filters, My Briefing Books


    Using Aggregation Tables
    1.      Using Partitions and Fragmentations
    2.      Types of Variables
    3.      Time series function and Time based measures
    4.      Configuring Many to Many Relationships
    5.      Implicit Fact Column
    6.      Security
    1.      Authentication and Authorization
    2.      Object  Level security
    3.      Data  Level  security
    4.      Creating  Groups , Users and Roles
    7.       Multi-User Development Environment(MUDE)
    8.      Utilities
    9.      Cache Management
    10.  Design Principles of Repository
    11.  Alias, Circular Joins and Opaque Views



  • Working with OBI Answers
  • Column Properties
  • Drill
  • Navigation
  •  Conditional formatting
  •  OBI Formulas
  •  OBI Filters
  •  OBI  Sorting
  • Types of  Views
  • Request Level  Prompts
  • Cascading Prompts
  • Combining  with Similar Request
  • Direct Database Request
  • Presentation Catalog Permissions
  • Presentation Catalog Privileges


  • Creating OBI Interactive Dashboards
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Link or Image
  • Embedded Content
  • Text
  • Folder
  • Alert Section
  • Action Link
  • Action Link menu
  • Types of Dashboard Prompts
  • Page level prompts
    Dashboard level prompts
  • Presentation Variables
  • Request variables


  • Introduction to OBI delivers
  • Agents
  • Configuring delivery devices
  • Adding delivery profiles
  • Building Alerts

    Job Manager
Configuring Job Manager
Monitoring Schedule requests

OBIEE 11g New Features