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Career Enhancement

Figuring out whether you are on the correct career path can be difficult to assess. Whether or not you are taking the right steps to stay on your desired career path can be even more difficult to judge. There are always multiple pathways that may or may not lead you in the right direction. To ensure you’re always moving in the right direction, we advise you to consider the following:

Take on new projects at work. Stepping out of your comfort zone will allow you to expand your skill set, which may help you to obtain a new position in the future. Develop your network. Not just with IT folks, but expand to other industries that interest you. One of the best perks of working in IT is you can support projects and industries that you feel drawn to. Growing your network can open the door to new career opportunities. Pursue certifications to improve your current knowledge base. This will make you more marketable, versatile, and worthy of a higher salary. Examine the industry/industries you’ve worked in. Sometimes switching industries limits future positions. For example, healthcare and banking typically like to see consistent field experience. Keep your skills relevant. If you would like to leave your current industry to try something new, be sure to still stay up-to-date with your previous industry’s technology in case you decide to return to it later on. In software development, be aware of the new and aging languages. Keep your skills diverse and be open to picking up the new courses in your free time. If you are unsure whether leaving your current position is the right step, ask yourself these questions in order to help evaluate your situation. Am I working on projects that are furthering my skills? Am I testing myself? Is the tech I am working with forward facing? Is the tech improving me in the right direction? Does bouncing around allow me to still pursue any industry?